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Divorce is never easy. Couples are forced to divide marital assets and decide what happens with their children. Contested divorces are often extremely difficult and can become very nasty. At the Law Offices of Steven H. Grocott, we work closely with our clients to understand every aspect of the relationship and the impending divorce. We will do everything we can to come to an agreement, but if we end up going to court, we will take the necessary steps to ensure you experience the most favorable legal outcome. Contact our Buffalo, NY divorce attorney today to schedule a free divorce consultation.

What Is Uncontested Divorce?

Uncontested divorces typically have no or very few disagreements between the parties. With an uncontested divorce, any issues that need to be decided on can be handled without the need to go to trial. Without having to go to court, uncontested divorces can typically be settled more quickly. It's usually recommended that couples seeking a divorce first try to come to an agreement with their attorney or mediator to avoid the need for a court hearing. Attorney Grocott has worked with countless couples in the Buffalo and surrounding Western New York regions, as well as in all 8 counties of the Judicial District. If an agreement can't be reached through an uncontested divorce, The Law Offices of Steven H. Grocott can assist in moving forward with a contested divorce.

Contested Divorce Representation

Sometimes, couples cannot come to an agreement without seeking attorney representation and a court hearing. In these cases, a contested divorce is warranted. Some separations involve more complex issues, high financial stakes, disagreement on child custody, and more. When you're faced with a contested divorce, seeking representation from an attorney you can trust is important. The Law Offices of Steven H. Grocott have represented many clients in the Greater Western New York area, including Buffalo, NY and beyond. We also assist in cases from all 8 counties of the Judicial District. When faced with either an uncontested or contested divorce, seek a consultation with a professional and experienced attorney first.

Family Divorce Lawyer serving Western, NY

Sometimes, divorce proceedings run smoothly, with both parties agreeing to an amicable split. While this may seem simple, it’s still crucial that you choose the right representation to ensure your rights. Even in an uncontested divorce, there are many instances where one party will attempt to take advantage of the other. When you work with the Law Offices of Steven H. Grocott, you can rest assured that your best interests will be protected.

Whatever the specific circumstances of your divorce, contact the Law Offices of Steven H. Grocott and arrange your free initial consultation today. We look forward to working with you.

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